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[info] What is going on with LiveJournal?

Originally posted by kas2umi at [info] What is going on with LiveJournal?

We all know LiveJournal had a recent maintenance session that lasted approximately three more hours. Personally, I felt the after-effects of that session as my private post disappeared from one of my communities and a constant warning is popping up when i try to edit some post saying that my text is spam and I should contact the LJ Report Abuse team listing it as a fail. However, I don't know how many of you know that the LiveJournal servers have been physically moved to none other but mother Russia. What does this mean to LJ users? I sure as hell hope nothing, but I am going to write down some things I stumbled across and give out a fair warning.

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a post which you can read here. (read more of her recent posts!!) Now, I was curious at first - perhaps the author has personal reasons for moving but her comment directed to the readers made me look into the subject a little bit further.

LiveJournal has been hosted in California for many years now, and ten years ago it has been decided for supporting the Cyrillic part of it, as the owners of the site had wanted. And as the author of the second post I've stumbled upon says:

"За этот период в России успели пересажать не меньше тысячи человек за посты, реплики, лайки, шеры, ретвиты и кросспосты в социальных сетях. но ни одно из обвинительных заключений не основывалось на пользовательских данных, полученных силовиками от администрации сервиса LiveJournal Inc в штате Калифорния. В моём собственном уголовном деле есть переписка сыскарей с той самой администрацией, где содержится вежливый, но категорический отказ в предоставлении моих персональных данных, поскольку запрос не содержал никаких юридических оснований для их раскрытия."

Which roughly translates to Russian government jailing almost as much as a thousand people for what they have written in their posts, replies, shares and crossposts to other social media, during the period of the agreement for Cyrillic users back in 2006 until the recent transfer of servers. The author also suggests that none of the incarcerations was based of the user data that could have been received from the LJInc in California as, I quote the author: "...had a correspondence with the administration which has a categorical refusal of providing personal data as the request does not contain any legal basis for their disclosure."

"Поскольку ЖЖ теперь физически хостится на территории России, вся конфиденциальная информация пользователей сервиса доступна отечественным спецслужбам в режиме реального времени, в соответствии с требованиями СОРМ-2 и СОРМ-3 к российским площадкам."

Basically translates that since LJ is now physically hosted on the Russian territory, all of the information (confidential or not) hosted on the site, will be available for domestic services. Meaning? Your personal info, your posts, comments, private messages, your friending list, your PayPal or credit card info if your account is a paid one - all of it will be available for their use. The Russia is purging.

Now, about the glitches after the maintenance. I have read many posts saying how they can't change their userpic, see comments, edit posts etc. As you can read in the image below, it's probably some Javascript shit gone wrong, but nonetheless, with how "fast" they have been resolving the issues, one can't hope for a stable LJ for now. Borrowed from here.

As a fanfiction writer basking in the glory of the "G" in LGBTQ+, for exactly four years on this site,I honestly hope my entries won't continue disappearing because of the glitches the Support team doesn't seem to know how to fix or Cyrillic journals and journals overall containing adult content of this sort of writing or certain political statements start disappearing one day when I log in. (or fail to do so at that)

And this, which can be read here.

With the shitty management of the system these days and the info from the above, it looks like it's about to get dark in here.

All of you having paid accounts, or have quite personal stuff here on LJ - be careful! For me, this is a wonderful site to post fanfiction, ramblings and simply interact with people from various fandoms. It is a tool to express ourselves in a way we couldn't in front of our families and in public. So damned it be if it goes to hell. The Russian-understanding part of my friend list - feel free to read the post I have linked above and give an insight. Would be much appreciated.

For all of the fanfiction writers and those that have important stuff stored here - back your LJ up to DW! It is an easy and simple process! Beter safe than sorry, if these system glitches continue to happen in the near future.

Any thoughts on this?

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